Find Your Purpose And Stay Aligned With It To Make Money

My Mentor, Jack Canfield taught me one thing that consistently guides my actions and helps me make decisions. That one powerful message was to hone in on your purpose and once you can articulate it clearly, stick to that in everything you do.

Jack defines his purpose as follows; “My purpose is to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy.”

Like everyone who makes a lot of money, he was approached over the years by many people who wanted him to invest in what always sounded like the next best ‘big money-making idea.’  Jack bit a few times and learned his lesson after losing money. That’s when he finally remembered his purpose and began sticking to it. In an interview with writer, Farnoosh Torabi, back in 2015, Jack had this to say after he had come to his senses. “Whenever I was working on that,(empowering people to live their highest vision…) whether it was writing books to developing audio programs, running seminars, doing coaching programs, I was always making money.”

I have found the same to be true for myself. When I am aligned with my stated purpose, I always make money and am never confused or in conflict with my values. If you find that you are not making money, it might be a good time to review what’s going on. Have you defined your purpose? Is it written down where you can review it from time to time? Are you in integrity with your purpose or have you gone off course? Money is merely a symbol of our state of consciousness. Get your consciousness in line with your constructive purpose and watch the money flow in!




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