No Resistance

If you want to go further, be it in business or any aspect of life, you simply cannot believe in resistance.  Now, I know that sounds a bit ludicrous given the fact that every time you attempt to go for that next rung on the ladder you seem to run into a brick wall. But, let me share something that I recently read about Marconi, the inventor of wireless radio.

“The story is told that when Marconi was very young, he was very confident that he would be the one to give wireless to the world and not the many older scientists who had been experimenting for years. After he had fulfilled his promise, he was asked why he had been so certain that he would succeed. His answer was that the other scientists were seeking first to discover a means to overcome resistance in the air to the messages that would be sent through the air, whereas he had already discovered that there was no resistance.”

Letting Go Of The Belief In Resistance 

If there is no resistance to the messages being broadcast through the air, how can there possibly be resistance to the dream you hold in your heart? If you didn’t believe in resistance you could achieve anything and everything you set your mind on and kept it on.

If your dream is nothing more than a thought form that you would like to see made manifest, what is the only thing that can resist it? I would have to contend that only another thought form could resist your dream. Nothing external to your thoughts can throw up resistance. At least that seems to be what Marconi knew when he was working on wireless communication.

Rejection Is Not Resistance

Even if someone says “no” to your idea, that doesn’t mean it is resistance. It simply means that person isn’t the one to help facilitate your dream. You simply keep moving forward until you arrive at the perfect “yes.” If you can entertain and embrace the idea that rejection is not resistance, that there is no resistance, can you imagine how your life might be different? Can you imagine how much gentler you would be on yourself when things don’t immediately go the way you think they should?

If you simply believed your dream was on its way to being fulfilled – kind of like when you place your Amazon order, you know it’s on its way to you – you could anticipate the arrival of your dream as confidently as you await the arrival of your Amazon order. It’s just that you can’ select same day or 3-day delivery!

Remain Open Minded

If your dream is to own a business, to write a book, become a painter, a lawyer or to have a family, nothing can stand in your way if you keep your mind open, clear and don’t think thoughts that oppose your dream. Also, remember that if you plant a seed and stand over it and expect it to sprout through the earth in an hour or so, you will be disappointed. You just get on with your life and stay open minded to the possibilities. Practice gratitude for whatever is present in your life at the moment. The more open-minded you become, the more you will recognize there is no resistance.


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