Second Quarter Procrastination Check-Up

Here we are deep into the second quarter of the year. New Years’ resolutions may have faded completely from your mind. Or, maybe you have kept your goals in sight and are on track. If you’ve lost sight of your goals due to distractions or plain old procrastination, now’s a good time to review where you are and recommit to your goals.

First step is to recognize and acknowledge why you’ve allowed yourself to be pulled away from your goal. Do you still want it? Does it still have power for you? Maybe all you need is to recharge your commitment and make a few tweaks to spark your passion again. To that end, I have a few tips that I use to help me refocus. I hope they serve to help you get back on track.

Eliminate Digital Distractions

We have all become so addicted to our digital devices that we don’t recognize how much time we spend checking texts and social media. One way to stay focused on the work you need to do to keep you moving toward your goal is to restrict yourself to specific times to check social media. Maybe first thing before you get to work, once during lunch break and at the end of the work day. Otherwise digital devices should be turned off and kept out of sight. A little digital discipline can go a long way.

Keep Your Workspace Clear

Have you allowed your workspace to become cluttered? Instead of being able to put your hand on what you need, you have to search for it and waste valuable time. A clear workspace allows your mind to be clear and available to focus on what needs to be accomplished. Maybe a spring cleanup in the office will be enough to jumpstart you in the direction of your goals again.

Give Yourself Non-Negotiable Deadlines

Setting non-negotiable deadlines gives you something to work toward. You may not meet them right away but keep setting them and see how close you get to meeting them. Eventually you will appreciate having them as they create momentum and strict, non-negotiable deadlines keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Throughout the day, consider the benefits of meeting your deadline. That thought alone can be very motivating. Just because the deadline is non-negotiable, do not beat yourself up for not meeting it. Be gentle, see goal-setting as a process and not as a reason to be hard on yourself. Aspire to continually get better and keep moving forward.

Don’t Over Think

Constantly thinking about what you need to do instead of just going about doing things leads to confusion, stress and eventually procrastination to avoid the situation altogether. Once you’ve set your daily goal, just take the next right action toward it. If you think about anything at all, simply think about the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel as you keep moving toward your goal. Then, again, take the next right action. Overthinking is also known as ‘worrying.’ And worrying is simply another way to procrastinate and waste time.





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